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WebSim Hockey - Best Hockey Game of the Year WebSim Hockey - Best Hockey Game of the Year WebSim Hockey - Best Hockey Game of the Year WebSim Hockey - Best Hockey Game of the Year WebSim Hockey - Best Hockey Game of the Year




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Start your GM career!

- The Owner

WebSim Hockey is a multiplayer online hockey manager game that puts you in the seat of a general manager and head coach of a professional hockey team.

Whether you want to become an interim GM or manage an entirely new team, you’ll have to bring together your hockey prowess, hockey management abilities and your knowledge to make your team king of the league.

Discover the best online hockey manager game!

Win the cup

-The Coach

Your hockey team’s fate is in your hands. Sharpen your coaching skills to win the cup!

Put together the best line-ups, strategies, practice, game plans, and much more!

This is not just an online hockey game. It is an epic battle for glory. It’s up to you reap the rewards!

Manage your team's hockey operations

- The Assistant GM

Keep your team at the top of its game by negotiating expired player and coach contracts. Perform transactions to improve your team in the short-, mid-, or long-term.

Looking to snatch up great free agents? Will you bank on young, new players and help them grow? Or are you too impatient and want to win NOW?

It is your play!

Are you ready to start?

-The Journalist

The WebSim Hockey community is filled with hockey connoisseurs like you. To help you get familiar with the game, we recommend starting as an interim GM; this will help you discover all that WebSim Hockey has to offer—and the best way to get your game on!

The interim GM takes control of an existing hockey team. You must optimize the team’s performance for the upcoming season.

Once you have an account and completed the tutorials, apply for a job as an interim GM: the current season is FREE!



"Alain and I had a clear vision: to create a thrilling multiplayer hockey game, 100% web-based."

- Guillaume Quirion, co-creator

"WebSim Hockey: 2013 and 2013 Game of the Year"


“We are impressed with the unprecedented quality and extent of the hockey simulation.”

- Dr. Ann Perogaro, Director of the School of Sports Administration, Laurentian University, Sudbury

“We’re happy to partner with the folks at WebSim Hockey to allow real player profiles boost the game to the next level”

- Martin McQuaig, Manager, Retail Licencing, NHLPA


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